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About the Author

When Taylor Hulett graduated from college, he knew he wanted to do something to make a difference- enter Applewood Our House. As soon as he met its residents, life changed, offering the opportunity to realize a dream. To have the opportunity to help those with Alzheimer's and Dementia is an amazing experience. Now, one year later, his dream is really just beginning!
Taylor Hulett has been a professional photographer for the last five years.  He photographs weddings, engagements, families, and much much more! In Taylor’s photos, he wants to portray the life and style that is adventure and love. Based out of Arvada, CO, he fell in love with photographing people. His mission with this art is to show connections, little moments, and love between people.  He feels it has been truly amazing to pursue his passion full time as he believe in spreading art, love, and connecting with people. He now lives with his beautiful wife Anna in Arvada, Colorado and they have been loving exploring new places, meeting new people, and taking photos all the while.