This book connects people with shared experiences. Caring for someone with Dementia can feel like you're on an island. Reading the stories in this book can provide support in shared experiences. 

About Faces FRONT COVER ONLY lighter Feb

Six People.

Six Stories. 

Infinite Memories.

Having the opportunity to photograph faces and expressions of Alzheimer's, as well as dementia in all of its forms, photographer and young, upcoming author, Taylor Hulett, decided he wanted to write a book- not a dry narrative of disorders shattering lives, but one speaking to emotion. How family members feel. How they cope.

About Faces: Expressions of Alzheimer’s and Dementia chronicles life stories of of six, Denver-based, Applewood Our House residents as their disease progresses. Written in a refreshing style accompanied by expressive photos, Hulett captures challenges of dealing with changing lives due to unrelenting memory loss, allowing readers a glimpse through the window of possibility.